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Collet Maintenance [VIDEO]


In order for your IMS USA collets to fufill their promised lifespan, it is important to be informed of correct maintenance and the importance of keeping them clean of debris and corrosion free. All of the different types and sizes of our ER and ORT collets require the same general maintenance:

First, you must remove the collet from the tool holder. Remember to use a tool clamper to avoid damaging the tool holder during the removal process.Then using a dust-free cloth, wipe it down to remove any dirt, dust, chips, or particles still left on the collet.  

After cleaning the collet you want to examine it for any defects to make sure it hasn’t been damaged or corroded in any way. If you ever find any stressed collets or if the surfaces are corroded in any way, I recommend replacing them.

You can always take preventative measures to ensure the longevity of your collets by using professional accessories for cleaning and storage.

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