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How to Add a Tool Clamper to Your IMS Tool Cart [VIDEO]

tool cart tutorial video

The tool cart IMS USA has to offer is meant to be customized to to every individuals' liking in order to maximize its usage. The IMS tool cart in the video above, is made to hold a HSK63 tool holder or any tool with a flange diameter of 63 mm. The benefits of having one of these carts is that you can carry your tools and tool holders to any machine and always have them nearby. 

A problem may arise if you don’t have a tool clamper nearby to make a tool change, tighten your tools if they are loose, or if you just want to check the torque on your collet chuck. However, if you remove one of your inserts from your cart, you can mount a tool clamper on top. All you would need to do is drill four holes and get four bolts and nuts to mount it with and your good to go.

Not only will you be able to use the clamper, you can still use it hold your tool so it doesn’t limit you to a tool capacity of 25. Don’t forget to lock your back to wheels down when your using the tool clamper so that the cart is stable. 

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