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About IMS S.r.l.

          IMS S.r.l. (Industrial Machining Solutions) was born in 1969 thanks to Mr. Giuseppe Apra's business vocation to supply mechanical parts for CNC machinery and router milling machine tool holders. The production at IMS is mainly focused on mill holders, which IMS produces with the highest quality.  This quality is seen throughout its wide range of standard holders and also in the ability to supply special tool holders based on custom drawings. In the 30 years that IMS has been operating in the CNC metal working market, it has built a strong presence in the different aspects of the the Italian and foreign industrial fabric. Currently, IMS is considered one of the leaders in the wood, stone and marble markets, for which it supplies the most important production realities all over the world.

          Thanks to the strong position acquired over decades of intense activity, IMS is able to act as a leader in the globalization context of the industry and maintain its identity and brand along with its operational autonomy.

          Although 2009 was characterized by the terrible economical crisis, IMS achieved important innovation goals that allowed it to expand itself in the US market. To be closer to its customers overseas, IMS decided to open a new branch in Wilmington (NC), IMS USA LLC.

          In the following years the expansion program continued with the opening of new branches in Czech Republic (2015) and Spain (2016).

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