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Tomorrow, NOW: IMS Easy Fit

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Developed in synergy with MainAxis, manufacturer of digital measuring systems for marble tools, Easy Fit is the first and only self-centering tool holder, which, maintaining high simplicity of assembly with the tool, guarantees the constant and perfect centering of the grinding wheel during processing, significantly improving the performance of the tool in particular and of the machine in general.

Once the preliminary calibration phases have been completed, with Easy Fit the grinding wheel is set to maintain centering, reducing vibrations even at high speeds during and with constant results throughout its life cycle. In short, the advantages guaranteed by Easy Fit are:

• Simple insertion and removal of the grinding wheel
• significant reduction in tool setting and recalibration costs through significant time savings and a reduction in the use of dedicated systems
• reduction of vibrations
• optimization of grinding wheel consumption and waste material
• conveyance of the coolant through the tool and less waste of water
• high quality standards of the cut guaranteed over time

Easy Fit is a product made of the best stainless steel alloy to guarantee the necessary hardness and construction tolerances.


A further upgrade has been implemented by IMS, which has always worked to create products that constitute real benchmarks for the market: Easy Fit is available, in fact, also in a Smart Chip Ready version. The tool holder is supplied with the housing for a chip that can be used to carry out traceability and recognition operations, in addition to reading various processing parameters.

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