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FOCUS ON: IMS Darkside

New Product product Stoneworking

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FOCUS ON: IMS Sawblade Holder

New Product product Woodworking

Discover the new IMS Sawblade holder: higher cutting quality and accuracy in a versatile and secure toolholder!
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NEW: Darkside Collets

New Product product promo

Our Darkside collection is finally expanding! Today marks the launch of the #DarksideCollets. Available NOW with an improved performance as a result of the Darkside thermal treatment that goes deep beyond the surface. Even in the toughest working conditions,the Darkside treatment prevents chipping and foiling for an extended, corrosion-free lifespan.

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IMS USA Plastic Forks for CNC Machines

New Product

IMS USA introduces is new plastic forks!  The new IMS USA plastic forks are developed to enhance clamping force and resistance. Thanks to the cooperation with the most important OEM worldwide, IMS USA provides the right plastic forks for the most of the wood and stone working CNC machines.  All the new IMS USA plastic forks are available in standard OEM setting or with metal plate reinforcement. Our sales representatives are available for further information.

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