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IMS USA to Spotlight its IMS Twister Dust Extraction Systems at AWFS®Fair

JULY 5, 2023-- Wilmington, NC – Dust and its removal is a never-ending battle in woodworking. The AWFS®Fair is well-known as the industry’s innovation marketplace, so a spotlight on a revolutionary dust extraction system is a perfect fit for this year’s fair. IMS USA is debuting its IMS Twister Hydro to the US market, designed to reduce maintenance time and increase cutting precision during nesting and pantograph operations.

“The IMS Twister Hydro version is the only height-adjustable hydraulic dust extraction system,” said IMS USA CEO Emanuele Porro. “The hydraulic technology applied to the dust removal system allows it to combine excellent aspects of concentricity, tightness on the tool, precision, and cleaning of the work surface. Thanks to these characteristics, IMS Twister Hydro is even quieter than the standard version and is more effective at high speeds.”

Ideal for nesting, the average tool life is further increased and thanks to the elimination of the ER/EOC collets, precision is improved. The height adjustability of the Twister Hydro makes tool change operations much simpler and faster. This solution is suitable for high-speed nesting operations with very detailed finishes.

Easy to assemble, thanks in part to a new drive key locking system that ensures a firm and tight grip, the IMS Twister Hydro removes 90% of production debris when cutting. Waste material does not accumulate, keeping work spaces free of wood chips and residuals. Using the IMS Twister Hydro is safer and extends the life of the cutting tool.

Clean-up time is drastically reduced, in part due to the rust-resistant nature of the Twister. Electronic and pneumatic components remain free of dust and debris, resulting in less cost and time spent on daily maintenance. Its light weight does not add significantly to the total weight of the tool assembly and perceived noise is not increased. In fact, Twister Hydro has proven to be 40% quieter than its competitors. The Twister is ideal for cutting dripboard, laminated materials (including high-pressure laminate), medium-density fiberboard and drywall.

The Association of Woodworking & Furnishing Suppliers is the largest trade association for home and commercial furnishings companies in the United States. Its biennial fair has been taking place every other odd year since 1957. This year’s AWFS®Fair will take place July 25-28, 2023 in Las Vegas. To see the Twister, visit IMS USA booth number 2322 for a chance to win a trip to Italy!



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