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Endurance vs. Darkside [VIDEO]

Endurance and Darkside are IMS USA's top product lines varying in their benefits and qualities that make them special. 


Endurance: IMS’ Endurance line is highly ranked worldwide as the most appreciated among the highest quality machine manufactures. The full stainless steel body ensures accuracy and precision of the tool holder and helps maintain the standards for its entire life span, with no loss of tolerance or concentricity. Our Endurance line is an innovative system of surface finishing, that allows shrinking and flattening of the surface ridges that arise after grinding. This operation reduces the roughness of the surface up to 8%. The endurance technology comes directly from an aerospace industry where it is used on components that are subjected to greater mechanical stress and corrosion risk. The reduction of the roughness increases the protection of the tool holder against corrosion, also preventing water and residual dust from remaining on the cone.  


Darkside: On the other hand our Darkside product line is the most convenient tool holder on the market, It also requires little to no maintenance. Its heat-treated surface, successfully passing with 400 hours of exposure to the salt spray corrosion test, guarantees complete protection against rust even under extreme working conditions. It also has the closest match to hardness requirements: measuring at 60 HRC in the diffusion zone and 35 HRC measured at the core, also with precision and accuracy thanks to the IMS manufacture quality. 


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